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Gold & Silver Linked FRNID  

Gold & Silver Linked FRNID is a MYR denominated Floating Rate Negotiable Instrument of Deposit with maturity of two (2) years from the date of issue. This Investment is principal guaranteed if held to maturity. This Investment is suitable for customers who:

Seek higher returns but would like 100% principal guarantee by the Issuer if the Investment is held to maturity; and
Seek exposure to Gold and Silver without physically buying the precious metals

Product risk profile: Conservative

Features and Benefits:

100% Principal Protected by the CIMB Bank Berhad if held to maturity

Reference Basket : Equally weighted basket of London Gold Market Fixing & London Silver Market Fixing (GOLDNPM Index and SLVRLN Index respectively)
Performance of the Reference Basket is observed semi-annually and the two (2) best performing Semi-Annual Reference Basket will be capped at 12.00%.
Coupon is calculated as the simple average of all the semi-annual reference basket performance
At the maturity of the product, coupon will be calculated as :
Principal Amount x Max ( 0.00% , (Average Reference Basket Performance) ) x Participation Rate x FXEnd/ FXInitial
Coupon payment is adjusted by FX adjustment of AUD/MYR conversion
Early redemption by investor will be based on prevailing market price. Redemption price can be requested on daily basis.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Investment amount must be a minimum of RM65,000 and in further multiples of RM5,000 thereafter.

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