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EcoSave Savings Account-i  

EcoSave Savings Account-i is based on existing Islamic saving account Mudharabah concept. EcoSave is an account that is environmentally friendly with ‘on-line’ and paperless mode of operations (no passbook and no physical statement). EcoSave promotes ‘green cause activities’. Account holder shall be rewarded with cash incentive of RM5 on monthly basis, if there is no over- the-counter (no paper transaction) in any day of the month and maintained average monthly balance of RM5,000 a month. Quarterly contribution of 0.2% of the total EcoSave portfolio balance shall be rewarded for environmental activities. Account opening during launching promotion period, shall be offered a free, re-usable shopping bag, while stock last.

Features and Benefits:

On-line mode of operation via CIMB Clicks (no passbook and no physical statement).

ATM card - with up to RM5,000 ATM withdrawals (on application).
Use of ATM and CDM (cash and cheque deposit machine) are encouraged.
Internet banking facilities for fund transfer, bill payment and account enquiry.
Deposits invested in Shariah-compliant activities.
Profit distributed accordingly based on a mutually agreed profit sharing ratio.
Cash incentive of RM5 (if there are no over-the-counter transactions for the month) and an average monthly balance of RM5,000 a month is maintained.
Profit and cash incentive will be credited on a monthly basis.
Minimum balance of RM10 to be maintained at all time.


Eligible for protection by PIDM. Click here for PIDM's brochure


Individuals aged 18 up to 50 years old - for personal or joint account

Associations, societies and clubs whose activities are not prohibited by Shariah and Malaysian Law.


Minimum initial deposit of RM250.
For individuals - identity card, passport or driving license. A copy of utility bill for verification of address.
For associations, societies and clubs - a certified copy of the organisation's resolution, authority letter, rules and regulations, and photocopies of identity cards of all authorised signatories.

Savings Account-i
Product Profit Sharing Ratio *Hibah / Net Profit Rate
This is an indicative rate of return based on the previous month's performance. The actual return can be higher or lower than the indicative rate
EcoSave Savings Account-i 10:90 0.94

1 Replacement of Lost / Spoilt Passbook RM20 (Inclusive of Stamp Duty on Letter of Indemnity)
2 Interbranch Online Transactions No commission
3 Transfer of Funds Within Same Branch by Instruction RM5 per transaction
4 Transfer of Funds To Another Branch by Instruction RM5 per transaction
5 Transfer of funds to another Bank by Instruction (Drawing Voucher/ Banker’s Cheque sent by Post) RM5 by Drawing Voucher/ Banker’s Cheque and RM0.15 for Stamp Duty on Banker’s Cheque
6 Transfer of funds to another Bank by Instruction – RENTAS RM4 per transfer and cable charges of RM2 and RM5 respectively, if beneficiary banks are in West Malaysia or East Malaysia.
7 Online Interbank Giro (IBG) RM0.10 per transaction
8 Closing of Savings Accounts (within 3 months of its opening) RM 20 (effective 21 April 2013)
9 Closing of Savings Account-i (within 6 months of account opening) RM10
10 Account Certification for EPF Withdrawal RM20 per certificate
11 Letter of Reference RM30 per letter
12 Dormant Account Activities Fee RM10 annually after the date of notice sent to account holder
13 Debit card annual fee RM15
14 Reproduction of Statements of Savings Account for period up to 1 year RM10 (upfront)
RM2 (additional page)
15 Reproduction of Statements of Savings Account for period exceeding 1 year RM30 (upfront)
RM2 (additional page)
16 ATM card annual fee RM8
17 Replacement of lost/ stolen/ mishandled ATM/ Debit card RM12

Basic Banking Charges

RM8 annual fee
Inter Bank GIRO is at RM2.00 per transaction.

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